Design Services

Our Design Services

Your house isn’t some kind of canvas. It’s the backdrop of your life.

Babies are brought in. First steps are taken. Birthday candles are blown out. Christmas mornings are unwrapped. Home is where life happens. We think your home should reflect your personal style. That’s not always easy to accomplish, but we can help. Colors, patterns, textures and decor should all work together to create a backdrop you love.

It takes skill. It takes someone who can get to know you and translate that into colors and pieces that compliment your life. That’s Toska. She’s an expert at people, color, and HomeGoods. She’s our resident Designer and it will only take about 30 seconds after you meet her to see why.

what is a color consultation?

A Color Consultation is an in-home service offered to assist you in making Interior and Exterior color decisions.  For Clients that are currently on our schedule, the cost for this service is $75/hour.  We do offer this service as a stand-alone option for Non-Clients at $150/hour.  During a Consultation, we will discuss which areas of your home you intend to paint.  We will identify which colors you prefer and dislike and create the perfect palette for your paint project.

What is a Design Consultation?

A Design Consultation is also an in-home service and can be used for any room(s) in your home.  The charge for this service is $150, for existing and past clients.  This service is offered to Non-Clients for $300. This Consultation is billed for a two hour increment.  Additional fees may apply.  During a Design Consultation we will move from room to room and discuss your vision for your space.  We will discuss style and trends, color, and decor.