About Us


Hey, I’m Toska!  The Monthly Blog Writing, Color Consulting, Interior Designing piece of Unique Painting KC.

I grew up in Sugar Creek, Missouri, a tidy, organized child I was not.  My bedroom was usually a mess, but I loved rearranging my furniture.  I’d steal my mom’s decorations from around the house and use them to deck out my own room.  Inevitably the “BIG REVEAL” would always expose a handful of items that had to be returned.  I still possess that same passion for Color and Design that I had as a child and I would love to help you make your house dreams become a reality.

The Unique Painting Story

Hey guys this is Chad! I started Unique Painting back in 2007 with some knowledge, elbow grease and a good old-fashioned commitment to a job well done. When I printed out my first contract, I had no idea my adventure as an entrepreneur would grow to be what it is today. I dreamed, but man this is cool.

We’ve built a community of clients. We’ve built a  community of partners. And now, it’s a community with a fresh coat of paint so it looks good too. Honestly, I’m living the dream.

Our business not only provides jobs, but we also get to give back to folks in our community every year with the Be Unique Challenge. That’s who we are. We’re people who care about homes and our community here in the Northland of Kansas City.