2022 Blog Introduction

Hey, Y’all!

In preparation for a new year of blogging, I create a schedule for the year.  I reflect on what I’ve blogged about in year’s past and try to put together a cohesive plan that ties the months or quarters together, whether it be through project, or topic, or genre.

This year, my plan is to be more candid.  I don’t share in great detail about what tasks I perform on the daily for Unique Painting KC, but I’m going to in 2022, so buckle up folks.  I will show you more pictures and provide more content about consults, combinations, and before and after’s, maybe throw in a vlog or two.

This year, I will be more personal. I plan to give you, the reader, a way to feel more invested and involved in what’s next.  I want you to see the power of paint and how it can Uniquely transform a room. I want you to feel the power of color through reading my content and seeing my posts.

I’ve learned so much about paint in the last few years and can’t wait to share my knowledge with you. Follow me for more tips and suggestions.