Unique Painting KC, 2019 Color Trends Forecast

Color Trends…

I kinda cringe when I hear the word trend. Trends in the paint/design world, to me, are a short-lived bend toward a specific style or color.  The problem with trends in color is that everyone sees color differently. Colors evoke emotion which is certainly a personal experience.  The colors that move me in some way may not affect you at all.  However, the precise color that summoned a feeling in me, interior wise, might have zero impression on me exterior wise.  It’s tricky, ya’ll!  So, when trends come up I tend to get a little defensive because I genuinely feel that they should be ignored…to a point.  What I prefer is for trends to be used as a guide, not a rule.  Check out the trends, discuss them with friends, be excited even, but don’t use mustard yellow in your home unless you love it. Who cares if it’s the color of the year? Whoa, it’s a long step down from my soap box!

All this being said, the actual purpose for this blog post is to show you the projected trends for 2019, carefully chosen by Unique Painting KC.  HA!HA!, Right?  Here’s the deal:  The color forecasts chosen by big paint companies is all well and good, great even, but those trends usually reach the coast first then work their way toward the Midwest. So, the colors that were trendy in 2017, are making their way to us right about now.  The color forecast we, at Unique Painting KC, have generated are colors we see pushing past the pack currently, the colors we’ve seen as trends in the past couple years, and colors we see sticking around for the next year.  Our color selections were chosen from the paints we use in our market area, which are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.  So, without further adieu, I present to you:


Why are there so many grays on the trends list?  Well, gray has many personalities.  It has so many different undertones, that sometimes only appear when they’re next to other grays.  I’ve mentioned before that the human eye sees 500, different shades of gray.  That is no joke.  Sometimes the differences are so subtle that most eyes would not even notice, but mine do, and just in case yours do, we’ve included several grays to help you choose the perfect fit for your project.

There you have it, folks. Color is my passion, and Chad is a fan too, just at a different level.  We enjoyed putting this list together and hope you find it useful.  So, which of these colors made you smile, and which ones made you throw up in your mouth a little bit?  We want to know.