Gray- The Psychology of Color

This week Unique Painting KC is studying the color gray…or the colour grey, whatever floats your boat.

The color I’ve chosen to showcase this classic is by Sherwin Williams: Cyberspace SW7076.  As I was looking through my closet this morning, I noticed that most of my wardrobe is gray.  Gray goes with just about anything, at least every bright color I pair it with. It’s the most versatile and timeless color of them all.  Most of the color consultations I’m doing these days involve gray in some form.  And everyone tells me the same thing: it goes with everything.  Rarely do I have a client that is gung ho about bright, vibrant colors, that is, until last week.  I walked into a beautiful, only been built for a year and a half, home that was completely black, gray, and white.  All the walls were gray, cabinets and trim white.  The homeowner had all black, gray and white furniture. It kind of felt like I was on the set of a black and white movie.

Like I said, the house was beautiful, but aside from a couple of paintings on the walls that had vibrant colors, the house was colorless.  The homeowner longed to have some color grace her walls, so tired of the gray that the builder had chosen.  I helped her choose a palette that made her heart sing.  She wanted red walls and that is what she will get when her scheduled time arrives.  As excited as I am about all the fun colors about to happen in this house, I must tell you, there will still be a fair amount of gray. The gray will be a bit richer than what is currently there, but gray none the less.  It’s necessary; it’s important for balance.  If every single wall were bold and bright, nothing would stand out, and your eyes just might cry.  Gray is achromatic; it is a color without color, neutral.  However, the human eye can distinguish about 500 shades of gray, not 50, 500.  What the what?  Crazy, right?  So, how are you supposed to choose the right gray? You call me and ask for help…

So, tell me, how does gray make you feel?