Black- The Psychology of Color

This week Unique Painting KC is studying the color Black.

I’m not going to hold back, here.  My color of the week is Benjamin Moore’s Black Satin.  You may think, “pick a black, any black, they’re all the same”, and you’d be wrong.  Blacks, like all other colors, have undertones.  You know what I’m talking about, ladies.  You try to rock the Johnny Cash look and realize your pants are a green black and your top is a blue black and it just doesn’t work.  Well, it’s the same in the paint world.  Black Satin is a soft, cool, black.  In my opinion, it’s the richest, most elegant, most sophisticated black in the Benjamin Moore family, and I see very little undertone.

If there is an undertone to be noted, I’d say a tinge of blue. I know, black is a scary color, the boldest of the bold.  Black is actually not a color, it is the absence of light, which is the absence of color.  I think the picture below is a great example of how to use black to create the illusion of height and depth.  It’s not overwhelming; the white trim and natural wood floors create the perfect balance of contrast.  I’m a fan, and I’m a firm believer that every room needs a touch of black, whether it be in the furniture, decor, walls, or flooring.  Where would you use the color black?

So, tell me, how does black make you feel?