Orange- The Psychology of Color

Happy color me Friday y’all! Today is all about the color orange.

Is it just me or does orange never seems to get the recognition it deserves? Seriously, it’s stuck between Red and Yellow on the color wheel. Red is majestic and gets a royal amount of attention that goes way back. Yellow has the power to brighten anyone’s day; hello, sunshine! And since orange is between red and yellow on the color wheel, that means it is a secondary color. Just the word “secondary” is a bit of a jab. Poor, poor, pitiful orange. Wait! Time out!! Orange is not pitiful, hell no!! Orange has many admirers, and I’m one of them.

Orange is extremely versatile, meaning, there are few colors that orange does not play well with. Turquoise, green, red, pink, blue, violet, yellow, brown, gray, black,and many tints, tones, and shades of each hue, all complement orange nicely. Red and orange definitely can’t say that. Right now white walls are the trend, but I can’t resist adding a punch of color to an otherwise completely white room. Enter Pinata, by Benjamin Moore. This bright, bold, red-orange beauty is strong enough to smack the adoration and appreciation right into you and is my color of the week. Pinata is the perfect punch color for an office, as orange invokes energy, movement, and vitality. It’s positively a color that will keep you motivated. So, tell me, how does orange make you feel?