Purple- The Psychology of Color

Well, it’s finally here.  This week Unique Painting KC has presented you with the color purple.

Since ya’ll know how I feel about purple, you know that I have dreaded this day (just a little).  I’ve been prepping though, studying up, scouring Pinterest for some pictures of purple walls or rooms that catch my eye.  I even painted my nails purple, trying to get into character.   In my recent google searches for Why Don’t I Like The Color Purple, I’ve come across some pretty cool information.  Apparently we associate colors with images.  For example: we associate a banana with the color yellow, right?  Well, what if you were given a purple banana?  Would you think twice about eating it?  Probably so, because your brain is telling you it should be yellow.

We also associate experiences with color.  This makes a ton of sense to me. Apparently I have had a bad experience with the color purple, or a bad banana, or something.  I know the root cause for my disdain, but I won’t name names…ahem..LA Lakers.  Moving on…the color I have chosen for this week is Expressive Plum by Sherwin Williams, SW6271.  It’s a dramatic, grayed down, purple that can appear as neutral as navy or charcoal.  It sits a little closer to red on the color wheel, but contains a fair amount black, which gives it much depth and mystery.  Depth and mystery is actually a great description of the regal history of purple.  Back in the day, the color purple was reserved for only those of Royalty.  Purple is not only a royal color, but a romantic, creative, and harmonious color that inspires spirituality, adventure and prosperity.    Anyhow, I may not be crazy about the color purple but I did name my daughter Ceily, and the character Celie, was played by Oprah Winfrey in the movie The Color Purple.  See, I’m not such a hater.

So, tell me, how does purple make you feel?