Blue- The Psychology of Color

This week Unique Painting KC is studying up on the color Blue.

Blue is my second favorite color, and I have the Egyptians to thank for that, we all do, because blue is actually the favorite color of the majority.  I had the pleasure of being sandwiched between the color blue a couple weeks ago during a trip to Florida.  As I floated in my raft on the clear-ish blue water, laid back, all I could do was let myself be engulfed in the beauty of my surroundings.  It was exactly what my designer/mom brain needed; complete relaxation, self reflection, and regeneration of all the brain cells I’ve lost working around so much paint ( I don’t think that’s really possible).

There’s a reason the beach is such a popular vacation spot and I’m going to go out on a long board here and say it’s because of the color blue.  Blue is tranquil, calm, strong, loyal, soothing, peaceful, and responsible.  It gives those in its presence a feeling of relaxation and refreshment, and represents dependability. There are so many sumptuous depths of shade that blue can offer, let me give you some examples: turquoise, cerulean, denim, periwinkle, royal, powder, sapphire; all quite different, but all blue.   Cobalt is another, which brings me to my color of the week, by Benjamin Moore: Starry Night Blue 2067-20.  I’m loving how this rich blue brightens up the plain white cabinet pictured.  Pow!  Blue is also said to induce will power, and can suppresses the appetite. I’m thinking I need to paint my entire kitchen Starry Night Blue, my flatware too.  Oh, fork it!  Who am I kidding?  I love to eat.   So, tell me, how does blue make you feel?