Green- The Psychology of Color

Ahh, The Psychology of Color continues.  This week I am super excited to talk about my favorite color, green.

Since this is my favorite color, I’m a Celtics fan, and I’m writing this piece, I chose the most gorgeous green in the land to present to you today: Celtic Green by Benjamin Moore.  For me, personally, when I see this shade of green, I immediately think of the Boston Celtics, and right away I’m transported back to the NBA in the 80’s. Good times…good times. For others, green symbolizes growth, new beginnings, harmony, fertility, and nature.  I get that nature part; I love me some clover.

Green can offer a sense of stability and is known to be a calming color.  Green is also the easiest color for the eyes to process. Specifically, let’s look at my color choice for the week: Celtic Green.  This hue is pure, deep, saturated, and will bring to life any wall, or piece it touches. I especially love it on kitchen cabinets!!   Did I mention that green is the color of money? This is why many financial institutions use the color green in their branding.  It truly is a “money” color.  So, be bold, and make it rain up in your house; I promise you won’t have to file an insurance claim.

So, tell me, how does green make you feel?